plas•tic al•ba•tross
(plas-tik lb-tros)

1. The Plastic Albatross is a community-focused campaign that provides helpful information about toxins in PLASTICS and other household products, and how these substances affect our health and environment.

2. We encourage local families, businesses, and organizations to limit their exposure to and consumption of plastic and commonly used toxic chemicals to work toward a toxin-free future!


Take Action: Urge your Senators to cosponsor the Safe Chemicals Act.

You shouldn’t need a Ph.D. in chemistry to make safe purchases at the checkout counter.

But America’s toxic chemicals law is so badly broken that many common household products — from canned food to computers to carpeting — could expose you and your family to potentially dangerous toxic chemicals.

Now,┬áthere is an historic opportunity to change that. Senator Frank Lautenberg has introduced the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011 that would be the first major overhaul of America’s dangerously weak toxic chemicals law, which hasn’t been amended since it was adopted 35 years ago

We need your help to make sure your Senators know that protecting American families from exposure to harmful chemicals is important to you!

Please Take Action HERE: Urge your Senators to cosponsor the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011.


Steal this Slideshow

Domestic Detox : Spread the Word

Please steal this slide show about lessening your exposure to toxins in your home and organize a community talk at your local school, YMCA, or community center.



Domestic Detox at the Commons

Join Jenna Spevack, City University of New York professor and founder of Plastic Albatross, for a domestic detox with a step-by-step tour down the average household shopping list.

Learn how to lessen your exposure to toxins in your own home and reduce your body burden.

What:Domestic Detox : Pollution is Personal

Where: The Commons Brooklyn at 388 Atlantic Avenue

When: February 24, 2011 (7:00-8:30pm)