plas•tic al•ba•tross
(plas-tik lb-tros)

1. The Plastic Albatross is a community-focused campaign that provides helpful information about toxins in PLASTICS and other household products, and how these substances affect our health and environment.

2. We encourage local families, businesses, and organizations to limit their exposure to and consumption of plastic and commonly used toxic chemicals to work toward a toxin-free future!


NYC Recycling… huh?

Why do the citizens of NYC place their recyclables in non-recyclable plastic bags?


Plastic Recycling in Plastic Bags

On any day in NYC you may find piles and piles of plastic-filled plastic bags. This seems counter-productive. We make a huge amount of non-biodegradable, non-recyclable plastic waste in an attempt to recycle a small amount of plastic, paper, and metal.